Finding Ways To Keep Up With Fashions

Finding Ways To Keep Up With Fashions

Jeans 101: How to Get the Most of Your Jeans

One of the most popular clothes worn today are jeans, worn by all ages, sexes, and of all sorts backgrounds, making it as the number one choice of pants among the general population. The main reasons why people love to wear jeans include its durability, versatility, great value, easy to match, easy to maintain, availability and worn by celebrities. For most pants, over time they look messy and worn down but jeans age gracefully as they age, becoming more attractive, with their color fading slightly, texture becoming more consistent and development of subtle frayed fabrics greatly enhance its appearance.

Jeans are perfect for enhancing women’s curves, so our wardrobe is really incomplete without them, making them as one of our priceless possessions. Women can find a lot of options for jeans and how to wear them, and they usually depend on the body shape and size, so they are classified as cut, rise or wash. The different cuts of jeans available include boot cut jeans, straight leg jeans, flare leg jeans and skinny leg jeans. Skinny jeans are perfect for slender women who are long-legged. It is easy to pair up skinny jeans with simple tops, sweater, scarf, cardigan, jackets or blazers, such as wearing a pair of black denim with a leopard print or graphic pattern Farfetch jacket or blazer. Skinny jeans are also perfect when paired up with boots and high heels. On the other hand, flare leg jeans really look good on narrow hipped and broad shouldered women because they fit the thighs like a glove and fit snugly on the waist area. Flatforms, wedges, clogs, comfy chunky sandals or any heels are perfect for your flare leg jeans. In order to enhance the fluidity of the silhouette of your flare leg jeans, you can play with the volume by wearing a quarter length trench coat.

For your boot cut jeans, they are perfect for all women of different body types most especially for those who have wide hips. Boot cut jeans are curved around the hips and then tight in the upper thigh, and become loose in the lower thigh, knee and calf, making legs look lean and long. When wearing bootcut jeans, use boots and heels without too much embellishments as the jeans will cover most of the shoe. For a classic look, you can pair it with a white button-up shirt in a fitted style, or for a western look, you can wear a plaid or flannel shirt and cowboy boots. Feel free to view our web page for more jeans discussions and get a chance to get a Farfetch discount code.

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