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Tips on Using Cloth Diapers

Tips on Using Cloth Diapers

Earlier branded as messy and extremely inconvenient to use, thanks to innovations that have taken place, cloth diapers that are available today are not only convenient but also economical and healthier for babies. This variety is also environment-friendly unlike disposables. According to a recent estimate, almost 3.4 million tons of diapers end up in landfills every year.

While earlier cloth nappies could be tedious and actually add to the parents’ stress, today advancements have allowed for better varieties and, therefore, you find options that are snug fits and also waterproof. There are also options available that allow the baby’s body to breathe, preventing diaper rash and others that come with Velcro fasteners that make the entire process of changing the baby easy. Add to all these pros, the variety of patterns and colors that they are available in, and you will definitely question the logic behind using disposables when compared to nappies made of cloth.


If you have made the decision to side with the protagonist of this article, then you will want to know how to make your baby wear them. Let’s take a look.

  • Most varieties that are available in the market today are pre-folded, which makes it much easier to work with them.
  • Take a diaper and place it on the bed vertically. While doing so, ensure that the middle section which is the thickest is right at the center.
  • Next, you will need to fold the thinner sides that are on the left and the right to meet the middle section.
  • Remove the soiled diaper that your baby is wearing and place him or her on the diaper that you have placed. The top edge of the diaper should be at the same height as the navel of the baby. If your baby is small in size fold the top of the front of the diaper for boys and the top of the back for girls.
  • Now pull the side of the diapers towards the front of the diaper. Ensure you do this from around the back of your baby. Now secure the diaper with a convenient fastener.
  • Once you have tied the diaper around your kid, you can cover it with a diaper cover.
  • Though traditionally made from vinyl, today there are diaper covers available which are made from wool or even fleece.

Be careful with the fasteners you use. Many parents use safety pins but be careful while using these as it may hurt the baby. An option that is safer is using a fastener like the one Snappi manufactures. An alternative that many parents use is the easy tear tape that is available in most drug stores. The thicker variety of these tapes is very easy to use and lasts longer, especially if you use a long strip. In case you are using nappies that come with Velcro or snap fasteners, then these instructions would be redundant as they just snap into place. One thing to remember is to always have everything you need around the changing table. Keep wipes, powder, diaper covers, and anything else you need at hand.

Making your baby wear cloth nappies is extremely easy and after a while you will be able to perform the task blindfolded. Well almost! If the thought of the laundry pile is keeping you from using them, then there are companies that provide services of picking up dirty diapers and delivering clean ones. While the cloth option remains our first pick, it may be a good idea to have some disposable diapers at hand always. These may come in handy at the most inopportune of times, especially when you are traveling.

Ways to Play with a Newborn

Ways to Play with a Newborn

download-19Have you ever wondered how infants learn? Well, most parents will tell you how they constantly spoke to and played with their child during the initial years. Studies have proven that playing is one of the best ways to promote overall development in babies. They learn to move, communicate, and understand the things around them when they play different games. As a parent, it is important that you learn to play with a newborn so that you can help him develop his latent skills and abilities.

Playing with Babies

After the first one month, when the baby spends most of his time seeming drowsy and sleeping, he will slowly start seeming more awake and will also start responding to stimuli. Infants tend to be more receptive after the first month and this is the perfect time to start playing with your kid. While playing with your newborn child, it is important to understand when the child is receptive to you and when it would be right to allow the baby to rest. Quiet and alert babies are more receptive and responsive than babies who are awake, active and overstimulated. Playing with your baby is one way to start his learning process and help him in his overall development. With time your child will become more receptive to your touch, your sound, and your appearance. There are many different games that you can play with your newborn to stimulate him. Given below is a list of many different games that you can play with your child.

  • Above your child’s crib, hang a mobile with colorful extensions. You could also choose mobiles that have songs fed in. These could help in both visual and auditory development for your child.
  • Most infants are very receptive to sounds. In fact, several studies have been conducted on the benefits of music for babies. Pick CDs with soothing music or sing to your baby while swaying him. This can have a soothing effect on your kid.
  • All of us are familiar with the game of peekaboo. This is a great game to play with your child. Hide your face behind your hands and then show your baby your face again. Soon your baby will start responding when you show him your face.
  • If your baby is old enough to crawl, then place him at a distance from you and get him to crawl to you or to the sound of his favorite rattle. This is a great way of improving his skills at direction and also helping him develop his motor skills.
  • Give your babies different safe toys and objects to play with. Help him identify and explore things by touching them. This is a great way of making them more aware of their surroundings.
  • If you want to make your baby laugh with you or fascinate your infant, then try to make funny faces at your baby. Roll your eyes, stick out your tongue, wink, or just smile at your baby and see how amused he will look. In fact, he may also try to imitate you.

Other than this, ensure that you talk with your baby. This way you will make your child familiar with your voice. If he responds, then stop talking, listen to the baby, and then start talking again. This ensures that the baby knows that you are responding to him. Any toy that you use for the baby should be simple and easy to play with. Pick out toys in bright primary colors and exciting patterns. You could also choose to pick out options from the many educational toys for babies that are available in the market. Alternate the toys that your baby plays with every week so that he has new toys to be fascinated by. For a new parent, learning to play with a newborn can be both a frightening and exciting experience. There is always the worry that your child is not responding the way he should. Remember that no two babies respond in the same manner as every child grows at his own pace. As a parent, you need to remember that an infant’s attention span does not last for more than two minutes. If your baby seems agitated or overactive, then maybe it is time for him to rest. Playing with your newborn can be a lot of fun and it is something that you as a parent will always enjoy.

How to Choose High Chair for Your Baby

How to Choose High Chair for Your Baby

download-18A high chair is necessary for your baby once she is ready for solid food. The best thing about a high chair is that you can easily strap your baby in it and feed her properly. These chairs are helpful not only while feeding, but also if you are planning to start teaching your baby to identify shapes and textures.

Your baby will be spending a lot of time in this chair. So, choosing the right high chair is of utmost importance. Buzzle understands every mother’s concern towards the safety and comfort of her baby, and therefore, has compiled all the useful tips on how to choose the best high chair for your little bundle of joy.

High Chair Selection Pointers

The Types
Knowing and understanding the types of high chairs available in the market is very important. It makes the selection process much easier. Depending on your needs and space constraints, make your purchase. The types of high chairs available are:
Basic metal- or plastic-frame high chairs are very simple to look at, as they are just molded plastic chairs with the option of seat belts, trays, wheels, and cushioning. They are not heavy on the pocket and are light in weight, but are not very safe or comfortable for your baby.

Full-featured high chairs are equipped with features like wheels to roll the chair from place to place, cushioned seats with safety belts, detachable trays, height adjustments, and reclining options. They are on the expensive side due to all the features that they provide.

Portable and hook-on high chairs are those that are not freestanding, and can be hooked on to the table. They can be moved and stored easily, and they do not take too much of space. The best part about this type of high chair is that it can be attached to a regular chair, and it costs less than a regular high chair.
Wooden high chairs look awesome, but are full of drawbacks. They are expensive, heavy, uncomfortable for your baby as the seat is too deep, the footrest is too low, and it is not very safe. These chairs are difficult to clean because they are made of wood and also because these chairs have too many crevices where crumbs can get lodged easily. This factor makes it a bad choice for babies.


After you know and understand the types, safety is the next important concern. Make sure to buy a high chair that has the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) approval stamp on it. Apart from the JPMA stamp, look for safety features as mentioned below.
◆ Look out for blunt edges, points, and projections so that your baby does not sustain any injury, while in the chair.

◆ Opt for a chair with a sturdy construction and good stable balance so that your baby does not tip over or fall.

◆ The legs of the baby chair should spread wider than all the other parts of the chair.

◆ There should be no gaps, traps, or crevices, where your baby’s fingers and food might get stuck.
◆ The chair should not have small parts that can be a choking hazard for your baby.

◆ A secure locking mechanism should be present to keep the baby in place, the chair from collapsing, and operable only for parents.

◆ Wheels with a ‘lock and hold’ feature are the best.

◆ Go in for an adjustable 5-point harness that goes over the baby’s shoulders, between the legs, and around the waist to prevent her from slipping out or standing up, while in the chair.
◆ Choosing a chair with a crotch restraint is also very important.

◆ The back and side of the chair should not have very large gaps.

◆ The high chair should be devoid of pinch points to avoid your baby’s limbs from getting injured. This point also directly benefits parents, as even they might get their fingers pinched while adjusting or folding the chair.

◆ The chairs should be made of non-toxic material. Even the paints and glue used in the chair should be made from the same.

Other Features
After you check all the safety features thoroughly, you should also think about other features that you would like to have for your baby’s chair. Things like size of the tray, ease of cleaning, adjustability, storage, comfort, and cost are also very important factors in determining your purchase.

Tray and Cleaning

Look for a chair that has an easily removable and adjustable tray. Also, the tray should be big and void of concavities and angular ridges. Choose a tray that has a high, curved rim. Selecting a tray that does not have any indentations for cup holders, or an angular rim is for the purpose of easy cleaning. The tray should easily fit in the dishwasher or sink, and should have a dishwasher-safe cover. Apart from the tray, even the chair, seat, harness, and legs should not have too many areas that are hard to clean. The seat and harness should be detachable, and you should be able to wash them in a washing machine.

Adjustments and Storage

The height of the high chair and the tray placement should be adjustable. A sturdy locking facility should be present in every adjustment. Another factor that should be taken into consideration is that the high chair should be easily convertible into a booster seat, or a small kid-sized chair so that you can use it for your baby up to the age of about 5 years. Easy to fold and keep away when not in use is a point that many new parents make. If you are new to parenthood, you should choose a chair that folds easily, which you can either keep against the wall, or one that can stand independently. Also, make sure that the tray won’t be a problem for you when you plan to fold the chair. Many parents complain that they have to keep detaching the tray whenever they fold the chair, and it gets a tad inconvenient. So, choose a chair whose tray can be folded with the chair without the added hassle of removing and attaching it all the time.

Comfort and Cost

Comfort is a factor that should never be ignored. Your baby needs to be comfortable in her seat. Therefore, choose one that has enough padding to provide comfort for your little one, but still not be too difficult a task for you to clean. Like all nursery furniture varieties, the prices of even high chairs can skyrocket. Hence, choose a chair that fits your budget and needs. If you see a model that has everything you need, but makes you extend your budget a little more, think about it because your child will be making use of it till she is at least 5 years old, plus the chair has to be safe. Compromises should never be made on a child’s safety and comfort.
At the end of the day, select a high chair that is safe, comfortable, and fits your budget. Take a look at many designs and styles of high chairs, and after thorough study, make your purchase.

Best Parenting Tips For 21st Century Parents

Best Parenting Tips For 21st Century Parents

images-4The rise in modernity has brought drastic changes in everything around us. Thus, the parenting tips and mantras that worked for our parents years ago might need some modifications to work for 21st century parents. The parenting methodology for the upbringing of present generation children merges the core values of the past with the present.

For e.g. Parents might feel that the child is too engrossed in modern day technology such as Computers and internet, however there is a need to understand that they are an important education tool. Thus give your child the accessibility and rights to the modern day amenities with proper guidance.

Accept your child- The first step towards positive parenting is acceptance. Parents need to be open to your child’s thoughts and decisions. The things that were big deal during our growing up years might not be the same now. Acceptance will build up trust and intern develops a sense of security in a child. Thus, if a child demands do not bluntly say no because he is your child and he is young. Give it a thought and if it’s no big deal, accept it.

Communicate freely- Parents need to understand the generation gap with the child. Hence it is important to communicate and share each other’s thoughts, views and perceptions. This will not only develop a sense of understanding but will give freshness to your mind. It’s necessary to achieve a common consensus where the past values meet 21st century thoughts. As children are our future, it’s necessary for adults to understand and correct them whenever required.

Give Freedom- The time has gone when children were not allowed to go out or visit a friend’s place, it’s necessary to give freedom to the child for his holistic growth and development. Let your child grow in enough space to turn into a responsible adult.

Guide as a friend- While its necessary to give freedom and accessibility, there is an utmost need for the right guidance as well. Parents need to develop a sense of distinction between right and wrong within a child from an early age. Do not act like watch guards but be aware of your child’s activities. Also learn to say no in an assertive manner, don’t be rude but firm.

Induce modern values in your child by bringing modernity in your parenting. A child needs to grow keeping in mind the present era and the trends accompanying it. This will grow him into a healthy adult in future.